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PLUG - Administrative.
The administration of PLUG is the duty of the executive committee. The tasks of the committee is varied but the most important is:
  • Maintaining the PLUG website
  • Ensuring that the mailinglist runs smoothly and remains free from spam.
  • Marketing PLUG and it's activities.
  • Choosing projects for PLUG to get involved in.
One task NOT included is to tell people what to do. PLUG is a highly democratic organisation and all members participate actively in the decision making process. The committee are simply those with the special task of giving execution to these decisions. The members of the committee are:
  • A.J. Venter (Chairman)
  • Charl Pretorius
  • Hannah Joo
  • Andries Nel (Legal/Political Liason :-) )
With the exception of Andrew who joined later, all the current committee members were also founding members of PLUG. We are all committed to the group, it's smooth running and the realisation of it's goals as set out in the constitution