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PLUG - Add a news story
Anybody can now post a story to PLUG's home page using our easy news system.
All you need to do is fill in the following form.
However, there are a few rules:
  • Do not post offtopic - only PLUG and linux related news may be posted
  • To protect your privacy we do not require a real name or e-mail address however if the system is abused we may be force to change this
  • Do not post any offensive material. Our definition of offensive includes adult content (this is not the place) and spam of any sort
  • If you post your e-mail address - we cannot be responsible for how other people use it
  • Respect the privacy of others - you are strictly forbidden from posting personal information on anyone but yourself here without the permission of the person involved.
  • Messages that break these rules will be summarilly deleted
  • Any complaints about messages posted here should be directed to the mailinglist so that all members can collectively decide on a course of action
Note that the system only stores five postings, each new message after that replaces the oldest one.
I have completely rewritten the news system, please try it out like this, I suspect it will fix most of the bugs in the previous version.

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